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The Jelq Exercise

The exercises described in our program are variations of the Arabic jelq technique.

The jelq is known for hundred of years and it is the best penis enlargement technique.

This technique was first used by Arab tribesmen and it made the passage from puberty to manhood.

When the boys reached puberty, their fathers showed them how to jelq in order to enlarge their penises and to obtain the women's longing and the men's admiration.

This technique is also known under the name of milking because the movements are similar to those of milking.

The boys were shown by their fathers how to jelq when they reached puberty and they were supposed to jelq every day for 10 minutes.

When they became adults, they only had to jelq for three times every week to maintain their size and their strength.

How does the jelq work?
The mechanisms involved in the jelq are very simple. This method works not only by lengthening but also by thickening your penis.

This method works because when you milk your penis you increase the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa by forcing more blood into its spaces.

After some jelqing sessions, the spaces in the penis become larger and larger and break down the erectile tissue.

During the night the tissue heals growing larger and stronger than it was before.

This technique also stretches the tissue of the penis and the suspensor ligament lengthening the penis.

What you should remember:

  • The jelq should be performed in a semi-erect state of the penis, never in a fully erect state.
  • That semi-erect state is compulsory for results to appear after the jelq.
  • If you have problems achieving a semi-erect state, you should try achieving a full erection and then let it subside until you reach the state you need for this exercise.
  • You should always use lubricant for your jelqing routine.
  • You have to choose a lubricant that doesn't evaporate too quickly because it is uncomfortable to reapply it over and over again.
  • The best choices for your milking sessions are Vaseline and Baby Oil with Vitamin E added.
  • If during the jelq you need to ejaculate, it means that your PC muscle is really weak.
  • You need to stop and wait for the feeling to go away and you should focus on methods to avoid ejaculation.
  • For this exercise, a firmer grip is required.
  • That is why jelqing shouldn't be done on a fully erect penis because damages to the penis can be produced.
  • And a last important thing that you should remember is NEVER to jelq in the shower.
  • First of all you may not feel comfortable standing for the entire jelqing session and second of all if you use soap for jelqing you will be sore for days.
Jelq Variations
For this exercise, unlike the others, you will have to use both hands.
  • First you should massage your penis until it gets semi erect, but it shouldn't be more than 80% erect.
  • Then you should use your left hand and make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger.
  • You should grip tightly around the head of your penis and stretch gently.
  • With the right hand on the base of the penis you should slowly milk towards the penis head.
  • It shouldn't take more than 2-3 seconds to reach the head (glans).
  • After the right hand meets the left hand at the head of the penis, you should release its grip and return it to the base.
  • You should then repeat the movements described at step 3 and 4 you can alternate hands if you feel tired.
  • This exercise should be performed for 5 minutes.


I registered for your newsletter and free ID to watch the videos but although I had an email from you I still don't have my ID. Is this site for real?

Our answer:

please enter your email address in the video section on any page to get your free pass code. Check your spam box.

Heard that PC muscle is not effective what about 'V' muscle heard is better so can you tell me where to locate. thanks

Our answer:

Never heard about a "V" muscle... The PC Clamp it's a very effective exercise. will hepl strenghten your muscles and improve your erections. Read here how to locate it and here how to exercise it.

My penis fall off doing jelq exercise. WTF do i do know?

Our answer:

just relax and enjoy the exercises, it should not be difficult to maintain a semi erection for some of these exercises.  If you cannot stay semi-aroused, our members area has some great adult movies.

hi, I am 26 yrs old & the erectile of my penis size is only 4 inches. Finally can I increase the length of my penis size?

Our answer:

You need to start doing regular penis exercise to experience stronger erections and a more powerful sex drive.  Also check the Jelq Instruction site.

when i practice jelq spam come out through my penis. what can i do now. how can i improve my sex power.i am a beginner user.ifollow your recommended routine. when can i do practice the testes message and girth message.plz give my ans. your prog is great.thank you.

Our answer:

Build your pc muscles by doing at least 200 kegels per day.

we need to know the real and easy with the effective way about a healthy and strong penis Eaxercise and recomanded Medice name to cure and get better life. bye

Our answer:

Use the techniques on this website and follow the directions.  I'd also recommend taking the MSF pills to help boost your erection power and experience longer sexual performance.

All r useful and valuable points,but if visual teaching means more helpful to me and all of them,its my kind request

Our answer:

You can watch the videos for each exercise...

how to makek long and thick and i have a problem i ejaculate early so what should i do........

Our answer:

The best program is here, it's what got me started over 2 years ago.  Now I'm over 2 inches larger.  Start today.  Thats what I suggest.

u said that jelquing is also for thickening but i gain only length why

Our answer:

thickening takes longer than length, so stay dedicated.  Make sure to change up your routine every 30 days to keep peaks to a minimum, and make sure you do erection strengthening as much as you are trying for penis enlargement.

what if I can't get an erection or good partial erection to do the exercises?

Our answer:

Well, do you have a health issue?  Try abstaining from ejaculation for a week, that should do it.  Also, watching some erotic movies really helps from my personal experience.

johnn santistevan
I just found your web can/t wait to get started

hey sorry for the bother but im 17 and just started...can you give me a daily routine or something, i have a girlfriend and have like 2 weeks before shes going to see it (5.5, wanna get to 6 if possible by then)

Our answer:

The daily routine is in the menu on your left, titled "Recommended Routines".

please send me detailed way on how to enlarge ma penile

Our answer:

You already have them free right here!  Dude, open your eyes and read for god's sake!  =)

is this completely free?

Our answer:

Yes, you just need a valid email address and this site is completely free of charge =)

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